An interview on supply chain forecasting

Dr Carel Bezuidenhout from the University of Massey in New Zealand recently reached out to me asking would I be willing to discuss supply chain forecasting in a recorded interview to supplement his teaching. I said “of course, no problem, I would love to”.

I am so glad that we are back to classroom teaching (and I sincerely thank my students for returning), as zoom classes are just not the same. However, what we have learnt from the pandemic is how to use, and how to feel comfortable with, technology to collaborate with others across the globe. For that I am truly grateful - I made a new friend, and the video that Carel so expertly edited has become an important video (that you can watch here) in my own teaching materials.

I hope we all continue to help each other with our new digital skills. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those who can add something to your lectures, it is an honour and a pleasure to be asked, and everyone wins. Thank you Carel!

Carel, I am sure, one day we will meet and I hope we we have the opportunity to share a coffee, beer, or whisky together (or maybe all three).

Stephen Disney
Stephen Disney

My research interests involve the application of control theory and statistical techniques to operations management and supply chain scenarios to investigate their dynamic, stochastic, and economic performance.