Operations Analytics Event at the University of Exeter Business School

The Research Methods Centre at the University of Exeter Business School has recently held its first Operations Analysis Event hosted by Professor Justin Tumlinson (Exeter), April 17th-19th, 2023. The workshop was attended by Professors Stephen Disney, Robert Boute (KULeuven), and Jan Van Meighem (Kellogg, Northwestern) and PhD students Bram De Moor, Hannah Yee, Audrey Bazerghi, Yogendra Singh and Fatamiah Alidoost. The workshop also featured discussants Dr Lina Zhang, Dr Wendy Jiao and Professor Navonil Mustafee.

Methods tutorials were given by Stephen Disney (discrete control theory), Jan Van Meighem (Markov decision processes, dynamic programming, and robust optimization), Robert Boute (Markov chains and machine learning) and Audrey Bazerghi (dynamic programming and reinforcement learning in Python).

Research presentations were given on dual sourcing (Yee), last time buys (Bazerghi), value stream mapping and control theory (Singh), the joint replenishment problem (De Moor), smart logistics (Boute), modelling pharmaceutical supply chains (Alidoost), and lost sales inventory systems (Disney).

It was great to finally meet up with old friends again and make some new friends. Thank you all for coming to Exeter and making the workshop such an enjoyable learning experience!

Stephen Disney
Stephen Disney

My research interests involve the application of control theory and statistical techniques to operations management and supply chain scenarios to investigate their dynamic, stochastic, and economic performance.