MOVE: Modified Overall Vehicle Effectiveness


Overall Vehicle Effectiveness (OVE) is an aggregate measure of vehicle performance for road freight transportation. OVE classifies activities as either adding value to the end customer, or non-value adding, waste. We show that OVE erroneously awards higher values to less efficient routes when a vehicle delivers to multiple destinations. This round-trip problem arises because OVE does not completely distinguish value from waste during freight movement. To solve the problem, a new component, route efficiency, is introduced to the OVE equation. This measures the actual route against the optimal route in terms of energy usage, so that a more efficient route will receive a higher rating. To achieve this effectively, the optimal delivery route needs to be computed in advance. This is a NP-hard combinatorial optimisation problem, commonly known as the travelling salesperson problem (TSP). The OVE measure is then re-classified to include revised components that measure delivery, time efficiency, quality and route efficiency to prod uce a Modified OVE - MOVE performance measure.

8th International Symposium of Logistics, 6th-8th July, Seville, Spain, 641-649