A supply chain diagnostic methodology: determining the vector of change


The paper presents a guide to conduct a supply chain oriented business diagnostic or health check termed Quick Scan. The Quick Scan is a systematic approach to the collection and synthesis of qualitative and quantitative data from a supply chain. The Quick Scan approach is the initial step in a generic methodology to identifying the change management opportunities in the supply chain. The paper highlights the need for adequate analysis of the supply chain before embarking on the route of information and communication technology implementation. As well as being of operational benefit to specific companies the Quick Scan may also be utilised to develop generic research models of supply chain change. The results of the application of the methodology to twenty European automotive supply chain value streams are evaluated. The results show that only 10% of automotive supply chains are close to the goal of an integrated supply chain, whilst only 30% of supply chains exhibit much good practice. The remainder are still struggling to implement ‘lean’ production techniques, which is a common pre-occupation with many automotive industry executives. The Quick Scan is thus able to advise companies in terms of the direction and magnitude of change required in their supply chains.

Computers & Industrial Engineering, 43, (1-2), 135-157